Pavan Srinath quoted in a piece on water pricing

Pavan comments on the hike in BWSSB’S water tariff, and explains how a a small increase in BWSSB tariffs could in fact reduce overall water cost for the city’s residents.

Should Bengalureans be grateful for BWSSB’s water rates?

“The hike in BWSSB’s water tariff is a welcome development that was long overdue. BWSBB has been a national leader in professional delivery of water supply and sewerage services, and it is no accident that Bangalore has the largest number of metered water connections in the country. Water is an increasingly scarce resource, and pricing it at its highest marginal cost is essential to conserving this vanishing resource. While we talk about LPG and petrol subsidies, the water subsidy that even the most prosperous Bangalore receives is much higher.”

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