Takshashila’s Nitin Pai attends a panel on India-US relations

Takshashila’s Nitin Pai attends an AEI panel discussion on the future of US-India relations, held on Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

The keynote address was given by Senator John Cornyn. The other panelists on this discussion were Mark Brunner of the Senate India Caucus, Rajiv Kumar of Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi and Diane Farrell of the US-India Business Council.

Nitin emphasised on why India needs to have a healthy, deep and broad bilateral relationship with the United States. He mentioned the risks to the India-US relationship and the important changes that have taken place in it, and on the need for both the countries to engage in dialogues at a state and at a party level. He concluded by saying that the two countries are better off playing at the level of national interest and business interest and not at the level of conscience.

The video and audio recording of the panel discussion can be accessed here. Nitin Pai speaks at 59:00 minutes.