Nitin Pai featured on starting Takshashila and on his commitment to national interest

Nitin Pai featured in the Times of India on how he started the Takshashila Institution, the work that Takshashila does and on his commitment to national interest.

“Indian governance is still in the 1960s and 70s, while society is in the 21st century. This creates a huge governance gap,” he says. Indian political parties are often accused of populist policy interventions more on the nature of subsidies and the handouts than constructive solutions to poverty. Pai uses an interesting analogy. “the government is like a good uncle handing out candy to children. But kids need green vegetables too, and it requires a real act of leadership to tell people ‘look, enough candy. You need green vegetables, because they are better for you’. That kind of leadership has been missing.”

And by equipping potential leaders with the right ideas and skills, that’s what Takshashila aims to create.”

Nitin Pai TOI