Nitin Pai featured in a piece on India’s governance challenges

Nitin talks about why he set up the Takshashila Institution and also discusses India’s governance challenges.

Be the change…

“The goal of the organisation was to establish itself as one of the credible voices in India’s public policy discourse, through consistent high-quality policy advisories. “We felt that changing India is akin to running a marathon, it is going to be multi-generational and will need organisations that last long and look beyond the realm of immediate public interest. In 2012, the institute began a course on public policy that aims at equipping students with the knowledge of the policymaking process and the factors that influence it

Nitin contends that most of the issues that Bangalore faces can be solved through citizen participation and accountability at the local level. “It is important that the state sets up something similar to the central finance commission that can earmark funds for all the state government’s expenses. It has been done successfully at the central level. Power is shared among multiple bodies in the city and no one is keen on taking responsibility.”

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