Takshashila Working Paper — Constraining the Pakistani Military-Jihadi Complex In a Post-COVID World

by Pranay Kotasthane

This is a draft of a paper published in Scholar Warrior (ISSN: 2319-7331, Autumn 2020), a Centre for Land and Warfare Studies Publication.

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This paper surveys four major developments that impact the Pakistani Military-Jihadi Complex (MJC) in the recent months — change in MJC’s external benefactors, the US-Taliban Peace Agreement, India’s revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, and Pakistan’s economic downturn.

The paper then analyses these developments using a contingency planning framework. Each development is mapped to risks and opportunities for the MJC, and hence to India. Based on these risks and opportunities, measures to constrain the MJC in the short and medium terms are derived.

Constraining-the-Pakistani Military-Jihadi Complex-post-COVID-Pranay-Kotasthane

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