Policy Proposal: Governing Gene Editing — An Analytical Framework

By Madhav Chandavarkar, Anirudh Kanisetti, Ajay Patri, and Shambhavi Naik

Download the Slides in PDF [460 KB]

Gene editing, the idea of modifying genes, has long been the stuff of science fiction. But recent advancements in genetic editing has brought the discourse surrounding genetic editing to the forefront. Much of the discourse on gene editing, however, does not objectively weigh its merits and costs. This has prevented the growth of the technology internationally, and has limited its application in India.

It is in India’s national interest to allow gene editing research to foster with adequate regulatory safeguards, rather than be guided by prevailing international activist narratives. Gene editing technology has the potential to solve some of India’s major policy problems like food security and poor health. Additionally, India has both a wealth of genetic resources and the scientific capacity to leverage.

The following set of slides propose an open regulatory framework to manage this rapidly emerging technology.


Download the Slides in PDF [460 KB]