Takshashila Institution launches a Centre for Smart City Governance

The Takshashila Institution launched its Centre for Smart City Governance, at a function held at Taj Vivanta, Bangalore on 10th July 2015. The centre was inaugurated by Mr. M.N. Reddi, the Commissioner of Police, Bangalore, Mr. V. Ravichandar, Chairman and Managing Director of Feedback Consulting, and Ms. Amitha Prashanth. Founder of Discovery Village and Prayag Montessori School. Also present at the event were foreign diplomats from Canada, Germany, Israel, and the UK.

Mr M N Reddi addressed the audience on using “Social Media as Community Policing 2.0”, showcasing the efforts of Bengaluru City Police to use twitter and other social media to effectively communicate with citizens as well as use it as a medium to receive complaints and prevent crimes. He said, “People perception is a major challenge for any policing system. In an increasingly connected world, there’s no way governance can be on a different plane than the citizenry.”

The Takshashila Institution has trained over 500 people thus far in public policy, public affairs and urban governance through its various educational programmes. Takshashila has been training aspiring civic leaders in Bangalore since 2013 under the B.CLIP Civic Leadership Incubation Programme, conducted in partnership with the Bangalore Political Action Committee (BPAC).

The new Centre for Smart City Governance will create a body of knowledge that will address the challenges of governing smart cities. Through new research, the centre will work towards injecting fresh and bold ideas into the national thinking around smart cities.

Mr. V Ravichandar, a member of the BBMP Restructuring Committee, emphasized the importance of Takshashila’s new centre in effectively bridging the governance gap in managing India’s cities. He noted, “Institutions like Takshahshila must come forward to present fresh, new ideas for governing India’s cities. There is an absence of skilled governors in Indian cities and Takshashila’s role in capacity building is critical.”

Mr. Pavan Srinath, head of policy research at the Takshashila Institution, explicated the role that the Centre for Smart City Governance will play. He explained that, “Smart cities need smart leaders and a smart citizenry. The centre will educate and train aspiring city leaders, administrators and active citizens on how to make their cities smarter and deliver better governance.

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