Takshashila Institution Featured in Policypulse

The Takshashila Institution has been featured in the latest issue of Policypulse. Rishi Majumder from Policypulse interviewed Nitin Pai, where Nitin spoke about creating innovative career paths for public policy professionals and how such opportunities are reshaping India’s policy-scape.

Nitin also mentioned how Takshashila has developed an India-oriented and yet a globally relevant curriculum, numerous case studies and teaching techniques as part of their Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP).

An excerpt from the interview is as follows:

“India needs a lot more thinktanks in its states and cities, focused on issues in their remit. The Constitution puts a whole lot of issues and power in the hands of the states. The Finance Commission has put a whole lot of money in their hands. Yet, we have very little sunlight on the policy processes and the budgets of the states and local bodies.”

“Running our cities well, delivering primary education and so on are issues that need to be worked on at State and local levels. We need hundreds more think tanks.”


Featured image: Policypulse