Takshashila Institution conducts the first workshop for its new cohort of GCP students

Takshashila Institution held its combined workshop for the GCP courses at its office in Bangalore. This was the 23rd batch of its Graduate Certificate in Public Policy, 2nd batch of Graduate Certificate in Technology & Policy and the 5th batch of Graduate Certificate in Defence & Foreign Affairs. The second workshop will be held separately for each specialisation towards the end of July 2019.

The first day of the workshop began with an introductory session by Anupam Manur.

The first session of the day was an economics session on free trade by Anupam Manur. The second session was on re-engineering government thinking by Pranay Kotasthane which focused on decision making in the government. The third session by Nitin Pai covered the basics of Strategic Studies. The last session was on the role of media by Manoj Kewalramani.

The second day began with a conversation with Mrs.Padma Ramachandran, the first female collector of Kerala, on her experiences in the civil service. This was followed by Narayan Ramachandran’s session on liberal nationalism.  The third session of the day was on writing by Prem Parriker. The fourth session was based on technology and policy by Rahul Mathan. The last session of the day was on political and policy narratives by Pranay Kotasthane.

The third and final day of the workshop began with two back to back sessions with Nitin Pai. The first was on the ethics involved in policy decision making and the second called ‘Ask me anything’ in which he addressed a variety of questions posed by the students. Followed by these were two sessions by Anupam Manur which focused on understanding the different types of market failures and their consequences on policy making.

Applications to our winter cohort (September – November) are now open. Click here for details on the GCP courses.