Takshashila hosts the GCPPshala

The Takshashila Institution hosted the GCPPshala  on 10th April, 2016. The  Shala, designed to engage with the Takshashila alumni, is a fun filled evening of interesting conversations.

The event also had alumni and network members giving 5 minute lightning talks to share their ideas, experience and interests in various fields ranging from travel to culinary geopolitics. Following were the speakers for the evening–

1. Chaitra Sagar talked about travelling, “the thing that everybody is doing”.

2. Sudeep Divakaran explained “the emerging challenges in Cyber security”.

3. Surya Prakash talked about the “idiosyncrasies of the Indian judiciary”.

4. Siddarth Gore presented the idea of “competitive censorship”.

5. Guru Aiyar shared his experiences by talking about the “customs and traditions in the Indian army”.

6. Sandesh Anand explained the “government’s role in encryption”.

7. Sarah Farooqui elaborated on “culinary geopolitics”.