Takshashila Hosts Students from New York University

On 11 January 2018, Takshashila hosted 15 students and 3 staff members of Centre for Global Affairs, New York University. The day-long interaction comprised of multiple sessions on India and its polity and society.

The day began with an introduction to Bangalore and the Takshashila Institution by Pranay Kotasthane. In the following session, Narayan Ramachandran shared interesting insights on India’s diversity, its GDP, different industries and India’s journey towards becoming a cash-less society. He stressed on the fact that as a country, India is making modest and marginal improvements.
The third session had the audience listening with rapt attention to Lt Gen Prakash Menon speaking on the subject of Geopolitics and Foreign Policy.

In the next session, Saurabh Chandra began his address with the sinking ladder phenomenon. He also shared his insights on the expertise of outsourcing companies and companies which attract more women due to their employee-friendly policies. Amb Latha Reddy conducted the concluding session on technology and politics and the state of cybersecurity in India. During her address, she also shared her experience being a part of the Indian Foreign Service.