Takshashila hosts R&AW’s former head, Mr. Vikram Sood

Mr Vikram Sood, former head of India’s foreign intelligence agency, the R&AW visited Takshashila on 12th February 2016. Mr Sood has served in the Indian Postal service and is currently an advisor to the Observer Research Foundation.The discussion revolved around the national security challenges faced by India.

During a round table discussion, Mr Sood talked about the security challenges and geopolitical situation of the country.While discussing National security, he said that a Cyber war is the next biggest threat. He also elaborated on why he doesn’t consider the ISIS as an imminent danger and how it needs to be carefully tackled.

Mr Sood further observed that he doesn’t anticipate a conventional war with either Pakistan or China and emphasized on the importance of a National Security Doctrine.

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Mr Vikram Sood at the Takshashila office