Takshashila hosts two panels at the Goa Litfest

The Takshashila Institution partnered with the Goa Arts + Literary Festival 2014 to present two exclusive panel discussions on public policy.

The first panel on “How to become a policy wonk?” featured Sachin Kalbag (Editor, Mid-Day), Raj Cherubal (Director of Projects, Chennai City Connect), Sarah Farooqui (Editor, Pragati – The Indian National Interest Review), and Pavan Srinath (Head of Policy Research, Takshashila Institution). The panel discussed the ways of becoming a policy wonk in contemporary India. And more significantly, how one utilises a particular background towards solving public challenges. This panel from different professional backgrounds talked about how multiple disciplines – including the sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences – can each contribute to one becoming a policy wonk in India.

The second panel on “Can our politics do good policy?” featured Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (Vice-President, Bharatiya Janata Party; Director-General, Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini & Director, Public Policy Research Centre), Nitin Pai (Director and Co-Founder, Takshashila Institution) Narayan Ramachandran (Chairman, InKlude Labs and Fellow at the Takshashila Institution), Manjeet Kripalani (Executive Director, Gateway House) and  MR Madhavan (CEO, PRS Legislative Research).
The panel discussed whether the politics of India’s democracy could foster good public policies that can develop India and improve prosperity of its citizens. The discussions also delved into the significance of municipal governance, participation of young people in politics, and democracy, among other things.