Takshashila hosts Mr Amrullah Saleh in Bengaluru

Mr Amrullah Saleh, who headed the National Directorate of Security of Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010, was in Bangalore on 5th December 2015 to attend a talk hosted by The Takshashila Institution. The topic of discussion was Afghanistan, India and the way ahead.

Known for his strong views against the non-state elements in Afghanistan, Mr Saleh said that it was not the ISIS, but Pakistan-backed terror groups which were the cause of instability in Afghanistan.

Mr Saleh also spoke on the strengths and weaknesses of the Afghan State. He explained that a weak Afghan state is not historical, but rather a creation of the last 30 odd years.

Mr Saleh discussed the reasons for the Kunduz attack. Most recently, he headed the fact finding commission investigating the reasons behind the Kunduz attack.

In the Q&A section, Mr Saleh talked about the need to reinvigorate India—Afghanistan relations in all areas of co-operation.