Takshashila hosts Israel’s Ambassador to India H.E. Daniel Carmon

Israel’s Ambassador to India, Daniel Carmon, and Acting Consul General of Israel in Bangalore, Amb.DovSegev Steinberg visited the Takshashila office in Bengaluru on 27th August 2015 for a round table discussion on India—Israel relations.

In a candid discussion, H.E. Daniel Carmon spoke about the contours of the India—Israel bilateral relationship. He said that the Israel—India relationship was seen as a unique partnership by Israelis. He said that Israel had a lot to collaborate with India in areas of cybersecurity and Digital India mission apart from the traditional areas of defence and agriculture.

He also spoke about the asymmetric nature of conflicts in West Asia, and how this warfare is poses new challenges to democracies like Israel.

In response to a question on the reasons behind Israel’s success as a startup hub, he said that the government was willing to support and provide assistance to new ideas that could fail.