Takshashila Hosts Dr. Mukund Thattai

The Takshashila Institution hosted Dr. Mukund Thattai, Head of Academics from the National Centre of Biological Sciences, Bangalore at their offices on 28 February 2018. Dr. Thattai is a computational cell biologist and is interested in studying how cells are organised and function.

Dr. Thattai outlined the issues hampering the growth of science in India and spoke at length about the interaction of science and society. He stressed on the importance of widespread discourse to explain why science should be funded in India.

He emphasised the science may not always be leading to technology-driven solutions and scientists should also be judged by their effect on society. He stressed on the necessity to encourage curiosity-driven science in India with a focus on local questions instead of importing research questions validated abroad.

He also spoke about gamifying science in an effort to make it fun for students. He further stated that there was a dearth of science popularisers who could make science more accessible to the society at large.