Takshashila Hosts Dana Kursh, Consul General of Israel and Deborah Housen-Couriel

Takshashila hosted the Consul General of Israel, Dana Kursh, and Deborah Housen-Couriel, Research Associate and Adjunct Professor, ICT, IDC Herzliya and Fellow, Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center (ICRC), Tel Aviv University, at their offices on 14 March 2018.

Professor Hounsen-Couriel spoke extensively about data privacy, protection, and the need to craft a strong regulation around it. She also highlighted the need to get the fundamentals of data protection right in order to build and maintain a sustainable data protection regulation.

She also discussed space laws and how the new frontiers will shape up over the next century, the relation between space exploration, and how this will affect geopolitics in the future.

She also discussed about cybersecurity engagement between India and Israel.