Takshashila hosts a career webinar with Sowmya Reddy and Prashanth Prakash

The Takshashila Institution organised a career webinar on 27th June 2020. The event featured Sowmya Reddy, an MLA from Karnataka and Prashanth Prakash, a key member of Accel India. The guests in their conversations with Anupam Manur, Assistant Professor at Takshashila Institution, discussed different career opportunities for public policy professionals in startups and politics.

Apart from leading investments, Prashanth has been associated with United Way, which has been leading the efforts of rejuvenating lakes in Bangalore. He has also been associated with Sikshana Foundation to improve child motivation. In the conversation with Anupam, he talked about the regulatory hurdles faced by startups. He highlighted the advantages of hiring public policy professionals and how having more of these professionals in startups and technology firms can create a virtuous positive cycle. He underlined the qualities and skills that firms should consider while hiring public policy professionals. The conversation also revolved around the dynamics between industry bodies and government, what it takes to bring about policy changes. Prashanth also talked about the new opportunities in the Post COVID World especially in the domains of commerce and enterprise tools/platforms.

Sowmya talked about her journey from being an engineer to a politician. She mentioned how she grew up as an activist, organising protests, carrying out community campaigns, etc. Policy implementation issues in India attracted her to politics. Sowmya provided some real-life examples of policy changes she has been a part of. She talked about the need for public policy professionals in politics. She mentioned the different ways public policy enthusiasts can work with politicians and how this is becoming mainstream in present times.

The Takshashila Institution is an independent and non-partisan think tank and school of public policy. Takshashila offers 12-week certificate courses in Public Policy, Technology and Policy, and Defence and Foreign Affairs and a 48-week postgraduate program in Public Policy.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here.