Takshashila Discussion Slidedoc – Technological Interventions for COVID-19 Management: An Analysis

By Prateek Waghre, Sapni GK, Utkarsh Narain

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Executive Summary:

This assessment evaluates common technological intervention use-cases in response to COVID-19 through the framework of population penetration, privacy and effectiveness to arrive at a composite ‘Viability Rating‘.

We conclude that:

  1. Recovery/stimulus package(s) should address the inequity of internet access.
  2. A privacy preserving model should include clear stipulations on purpose limitation, data retention, data minimisation, and clear statements of liability on data collection, storage and retention.
  3. Effective legislation including sunset clauses limiting the duration of the use of technological interventions must be laid down.
  4. Limited scale proofs of concept should be conducted before a mass rollout until effectiveness of underlying technologies (BLE, Algorithmic Risk Determination etc) can be reasonably evaluated.
  5. Technological interventions should not be deployed in a manner that may result in the denial of rights or benefits to any person(s).

For detailed scoring on Population Penetration, Privacy, and Effectiveness, click here.

Download this slidedoc as a PDF.