Takshashila Discussion Slidedoc – A Framework to Counter Mobilised Violence

Madhav Chandavarkar, Ajay Patri, and Divij Joshi

Mobilised violence is detrimental to the democratic fabric of India. It prevents individuals from enjoying their right to speak, move and conduct business freely. It can also cause injuries and loss of life to bystanders, in addition to significant economic costs from a cessation of economic activity and damage to property.

This Discussion Slidedoc is based on the Takshashila Discussion Document – A Framework for Countering Mobilised Violence. Existing legal measures being insufficient in addressing the problem. This Slidedoc recommends that mobilised violence can be better targeted by making a few specific changes to the legal instruments currently in place to counter such incidents. The Slidedoc presents two primary recommendations to counter mobilised violence.

Creation of a law that targets groups engaging in mobilised violence and not just individual perpetrators of violence.

Refining the scope of hate speech under the IPC to focus on the incitement of violence.


Download the Slidedoc in PDF