Takshashila Discussion Document- Analysing Digital Platforms’ Responses to COVID-19 Information Disorder

By Prateek Waghre and Rohan Seth

Download the Discussion Document in PDF.

Executive Summary

This Discussion Document analyses the responses of digital platforms to the information disorders around COVID-19:

  1. During the pandemic, digital platforms may be able to exercise greater discretion in content moderation from increased calls for them to act as arbiters of truth.
  2. Efforts to contain information disorders vary across the following areas:
    1. Changes in Information Flows: Platforms have made alterations to how information is spread.
    2. Funding: Platforms have invested significant sums of money into fact checking organisations, journalists, and media outlets.
    3. Changes in User Interface (UI): Platforms have made changes to their UIs to highlight credible information from public health authorities.
    4. Policy: Platforms have reacted by coming up with new policies, modifying existing policies, and deploying existing policies to deal with COVID-related information disorders.
  3. Level and consistency of actions taken differ across geographies and types of actors.
  4. Platforms’ response in controlling misinformation may lead to significant changes in the relationships between the government, society, and people.
COVID-19 Digital Platforms Response to Information Disorder_17 Jun_Takshashila Discussion Document_v1.0

Download the Discussion Document in PDF.