Takshashila Conducts 36th Workshop of the GCPP

Takshashila conducted the second weekend workshop for the 18th batch of the Graduate Certificate of Public Policy (GCPP) from 24th November to 26th November 2017 at Discovery Village Resort in Nandi, near Bangalore.The workshop was conducted as a practical exercise to acquaint students with the nuances of analysing policies.

Over the course of the workshop the students divided themselves into teams to analyse and scrutinise the Universal Basic Income scheme proposed in the Economic Survey for 2016-17. The exercise was broken down into multiple steps ranging from defining problem definition to conducting cost benefit analysis of the scheme.

The workshop was the second of the two offline contact sessions that complement the largely online certificate course offered by the Takshashila Institution. The GCPP runs for a period of 12 weeks and is ideal for active students and working professionals from various backgrounds.