Takshashila Completes the Third Cogitatum

Takshashila successfully concluded the third Cogitatum on Unpacking the Budget in February 2018. The discussants were awarded certificates for their participation. Cogitatum is an four-week online discussion on a specific policy issue that is in the news cycle. The previous Cogitatum programmes were on Understanding Xi Jinping’s China: An Indian Perspective and Understanding Rohingya Crisis and India’s Migration Policy.

The faculty for the Cogitatum on Unpacking the budget included Dr M Govinda Rao (Member of the 14th Finance Commission and Advisor at the Takshashila Institution), Dr Rajeev Gowda (Congress MP from Karnataka in the Rajya Sabha), Dr Ajit Ranade (Chief Economist of the Aditya Birla Group), Mr Narayan Ramachandran (Social Entrepreneur, Columnist and Emerging Market Investor), Pavan Srinath (Head of Strategy and Programmes, The Takshashila Institution) and Pranay Kotasthane (Head of Geostrategy Programme, The Takshashila Institution).

The Cogitatum commenced on February 3 and the concluding webinar was on February 13.

Over 115 participants joined the Cogitatum as discussants. The discussants were from a diverse background encompassing engineers, architects, consultants journalists bankers and healthcare professionals. The age group was just as varied, ranging from 19-year olds to people in their fifties.

Over the course of four webinars, the discussants were equipped with the tools required to understand the budget, provided insights on the 2018-19 budgets and did an analysis of the budget.