Takshashila co-hosts a talk by Daveed Gartenstein Ross on Afghanistan- After the US withdrawal

The Takshashila Institution and the Bangalore International Centre (BIC) hosted a talk by Daveed Gartenstein Ross, chaired by Anand Arni on Afghanistan- After the US withdrawal. The session opened with Mr Arni looking at the present situation in Afghanistan and the upcoming elections. Daveed’s talk  revolved around the probable situations in Afghanistan, delving into multiple questions. Whether it would enjoy relative stability, or backslide into civil war and anarchy. Whether the al-Qaeda would re-emerge as a potent force in the region. Whether other states– including Pakistan and China– would attempt to exploit the U.S drawdown. The talk was attended by a large audience that included students and alumni of Takshashila’s Graduate Certificate in Public Policy, members of BIC, and interested individuals from Bangalore.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross at BIC          Gartenstein-Ross and Arni