Takshashila co-hosts a discussion on “A vision and roadmap document for India for the future”

The Takshashila Institution in collaboration with the Pune International Centre and the Bangalore International Centrel co-hosted a discussion on “A vision and roadmap document for India for the future”. This panel discussion was moderated by Prof S L Rao with Dr Vijay Kelkar, Nitin Pai and Prashant Girbane as panelists.

The Pune International Centre, a think tank based in Pune, published a policy paper titled “Innovating India Roadmap 2014-19” earlier this year. This paper focuses on many ‘Big Ideas’ across various sectors that will yield positive, tangible and large development gains to the country. The target of this paper is to promote rapid growth, equity and quality of life, eschewing competitive populism. The discussion delved into the nuances of the paper and the necessary reforms needed for growth. The audience comments and questions pertained to the levers of economic development in India, the different sectors of the economy, environmental concerns along with the future growth trajectory of the country.

The discussion was held on 17th October, 2014 at the Bangalore International Centre and was attended by a large audience that included students and alumni of Takshashila’s Graduate Certificate in Public Policy, members of BIC, and interested individuals from across Bangalore.