Takshashila Blue Paper: A Framework for Governing Human Gene Editing in India

Download the Blue Paper in PDF [430 KB]

This Blue Paper was prepared as a result of a roundtable discussion organised by the Takshashila Institution on 15 December 2017, based on the Discussion Document: A Framework for Governing Gene Editing.

The discussion document developed an analytical framework to differentiate gene editing technologies into three broad categories. Each of these categories corresponds to the stage of development of the technology: Fundamental R&D, Commercial R&D and Commercialisation. Each group requires a different governance principle; the document thus envisages a three-level framework to govern all types of gene editing technologies.

The roundtable discussion was convened to dissect the discussion document within the specific context of human gene editing. There is a need to have a clear regulatory position on this type of gene editing in order to hinder malfeasance as well as reduce India’s significant disease burden. This will only happen if there is an environment that is conducive to research that still effectively addresses all the risks. The discussion, which was chaired by Dr. Vijay Chandru, ranged from what protocols and standards should be followed by researchers to what exceptions should be given to treatments for orphan diseases.

The Blue Paper highlights the recommendations of all participants at the roundtable discussion, which was chaired by Dr. Vijay Chandru.


Download the Blue Paper in PDF [430 KB]