Takshashila begins collaboration with Marginal Revolution University for its Graduate Certificate in Public Policy programme

Starting January 2021, Takshashila Institution and Marginal Revolution University (MRU) will collaborate to enhance the quality of economics education across Takshashila’s graduate programmes. MRU’s internationally renowned academic faculty and course material will be included in the 12-week online Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) and the 48-week online Post-Graduate Programme (PGP). As a result of the collaboration, students will benefit from engaging with stimulating topics and teachers from Takshashila and MRU.

Nitin Pai, Co-founder and Director of Takshashila Institution, added that “I’ve been a fan of the Marginal Revolution blog from its earliest days and have been impressed by the evolution of Marginal Revolution University as one of best places to sharpen your interest in economics. Tyler and Alex have transformed economics education — both in making it fun and engaging, and also in making it widely accessible to students who cannot attend a full-time physical university. MRU’s work mirrors what we’ve been doing at Takshashila for public policy, and I’m excited at the opportunities this collaboration represents.”

Speaking of the partnership, Professor Alex Tabarrok and Professor Tyler Cowen of George Mason University and founders of the Marginal Revolution University said, “Kautilya first taught the Arthaśāstra at Takshashila so we are very proud to partner with the Takshashila Institution to bring a great education in the principles of economics to many more students. It is India’s time to grow! To grow, however, requires wisdom from both policymakers and business people and Takshashila Institution is a pioneer in teaching the hard-won lessons of political economy to a new generation of future leaders.”

About Takshashila’s Public Policy Programmes 

The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) programme equips students with a firm understanding of the fundamentals of public policy and economic reasoning. Students completing the GCPP will be able to apply this understanding in their professional lives and political discourse. Through networked self-study, lectures, and interactive discussions, students will gain a firm understanding of policy landscapes and emerge better equipped to play a competent role in public affairs. The GCPP programme has 4 specialisations- Public Policy, Technology & Policy, Defence & Foreign Affairs and Health & Life Sciences.

The Post-Graduate Programme in Public Policy (PGP) is designed for working professionals. It is targeted at dynamic individuals who wish to enter the growing professional sphere of policy, public affairs, governance and leadership, while pursuing their current occupations. The programme is academically rigorous and attuned to the current requirements of industry, media, social sector and politics. It equips participants with a core set of skills in policy evaluation, economic reasoning, effective communication and public persuasion.

About Takshashila Institution

Founded in 2010, Takshashila Institution is an independent center for research and education in public policy. It is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation that advocates the values of freedom, openness, tolerance, pluralism and responsible citizenship.

The Takshashila Institution seeks to transform India through better public policies, bridging the governance gap by developing better public servants, civil society leaders, professionals and informed citizens.

About Marginal Revolution University

Founded in 2012 by George Mason University economics professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution University is building the world’s largest online library of free economics education videos—currently weighing in at more than 900 videos.