Sushant K Singh


India and Europe still need each other | European Voice

Indian diplomats would happily avoid the EU summit. Here are some ways to change that attitude.

The right response to Maoists

Brutal use of force after the Dantewada attack will not yield results; a rational long-term strategy is needed.

The Sarkar and the Sepoy

The line between what constitutes ‘political control’ and ‘political interference’ in military affairs is rather blurred. Most military officers desire that the civilian leadership delegate to the military autonomous control over all things mil...

Rough diamonds into leaders

Talented graduates are increasingly scarce and the search for ‘officer-like’ qualities will be increasingly futile. It’s time for other, harder strategies.

The guns and butter trade-off

It’s time for India to review its outdated practice of obfuscating the true defence expenditure.

India’s new African safari

India’s academic and research institutions, however, need to develop much greater understanding of individual African countries and broaden linkages with their counterparts in Africa. There is also an urgent need to create a larger pool of Indians in...
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