Takshashila hosts a roundtable to discuss India’s options in Afghanistan

The roundtable on India’s options in Afghanistan was held in Bengaluru on 18th September 2019 at the Takshashila Institution’s office. The participants were businesspersons, diplomats, academics and journalists who have worked in Afghanistan. The context for discussion was the sudden...

Takshashila at the Mint Budget 2019 Roundtable

Pranay Kotasthane and Rahul Matthan participated in the Mint Budget 2019 roundtable on the topic How the Modi govt can achieve a $5 trillion economy aim. Read the discussion on Mint here. Watch the full video:

Takshashila hosts Tyler Cowen for a roundtable discussion

The Takshashila Institution hosted economist, author and popular blogger Tyler Cowen for a roundtable discussion in Bangalore on evening of Wednesday, July 24. The discussion was moderated by Narayan Ramachandran, Fellow at the Takshashila instution. About twenty five people attended the...