Anupam Manur quoted in AlJazeera

Anupam Manur was quoted in an article in Al Jazeera on the potential impact of the US election outcomes on the Indian economy. With US unemployment at a high 8.4 percent and the country experiencing the toughest economic conditions since...

A retreat from global trade will hurt India’s geopolitical stature

Almost a year ago, this column had warned that the economic slowdown that India was experiencing would have a negative impact on India’s geopolitical standing, because it is “presumptuous to expect countries and companies to be sympathetic to India’s political...

The Great Liberalisation of 1860

Some debates, it seem, never go away. In the first half of the 19th century, France has some of the most extreme protectionist laws in the world. It had 58 prohibited items for import and 12 items for export. Ideas of...

The 8 Myths of Protectionism

There are certain common misconception about protectionism – that tariffs help in protecting jobs and infant industries, are a useful measure against dumping, and improving the trade balance, among others. In this podcast, we explore these various myths of protectionism.