Unpacking China’s Social Credit System

The Social Credit System is about much more than surveillance and loyalty, as popularly understood. Nudging persons to adopt desirable behaviour and enhancing social control are part of the story. But there are larger drivers of this policy. It is...

No, The World Isn’t Heading Towards a Cold War

The United States’ listing of China as a “competitor,” “rival” and “revisionist power” in its National Security Strategy has led many to postulate the beginning of a new Cold War. Unfortunately, that construct is neither sufficient nor instructive in understanding...

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

This article is a book review of the fascinating book Who Gets What and Why, by Nobel laureate Alvin Roth. Roth studies the design of matching markets and identifies the four pillars for an efficient design using examples of markets...

Where is the Nudge Unit?

The Indian government had promised to set up a Nudge Unit and use the insights of behavioural economics to shape public policy. The 2018 Union budget revealed no signs of it.

On Sale: Your Vote

Our data, taken without our consent, can be used for informational warfare that harms our democracy. The actions of social media and analytics companies are a clear threat to voters’ rights to make free and fair choices.

Is Xi Jinping China’s ‘Bad Emperor’?

The present scenario offers fertile ground for the emergence of a bad emperor. However, whether Xi fits the bill will depend on how efficiently the new system functions and whether he prioritizes political loyalty as an end in itself, rather...

Ingredients of a New World Order

Power is not enough to be a dominant geopolitical player. You also need Legitimacy. That is why China will not replace the US anytime soon.

Democracy in Echo Chambers

This article is a book review of Cass Sunstein’s book #Republic: Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media. Sunstein argues that the perfect filtering that platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide is a serious challenge to democratic deliberation and...

An Unholy Nexus

This is a review of the book When Crime Pays by Milan Vaishnav. Using the framework of an electoral marketplace, Vaishnav studies the nexus of politics, money, and muscle.

Nitin Pai featured on starting Takshashila and on his commitment to national interest

Nitin Pai featured in the Times of India on how he started the Takshashila Institution, the work that Takshashila does and on his commitment to national interest. “Indian governance is still in the 1960s and 70s, while society is in...
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