Narayan Ramachandran


The games people play

While AWBI and Peta believe that Jallikutta should be banned on account of alleged cruelty to bulls, others say it is a tradition that should survive for a variety of reasons

Once again politics matters

2017 will be about understanding impact of a massive political trend on individual countries and cross-country phenomena like trade, globalization and migration

Economic priorities in a protectionist world

India needs to focus more on itself and use the opportunity to restructure and reform even as the world regards India as a (relative) beacon of hope

Of successes and failures

The learning step (from failure) and the reflection step (from success) are the true stepping-stones to fulfilment

India’s implementation gap

A newly industrializing, independent post-war India has abandoned its historical artisanal quality but did not replace it with a modern obsession with quality

(Re)stating the case

Do the recent splits, particularly the Telangana one, suggest the need for a wider and deeper look at another reorganization of states?

Taking stock of India’s reforms

The Modi government has done a good job of implementing many ideas already in the system. Now it has to come up with some new ones and step up the pace

Countering a global trend

To have a real shot at prosperity, protecting the liberal and open order is an important priority

The urge to surge

As with surge pricing for taxicab aggregators, Suresh Prabhu’s rail price surge is a smart innovation that ultimately benefits the consumer

The state of education in India

The money, time and focus it will take to get our primary education working and to create globally competitive institutions is no small matter
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