Narayan Ramachandran


Powerless Superpower

The root cause of much that ails the power sector is free power to the agricultural sector. It has to stop, sooner the better

Right and wrong

A rights-based approach is the wrong development model for India. India has neither the money nor the capability to deliver on promises made to its citizens

India’s inflation dilemma

Too much policy--monetary and fiscal--is being conducted with information that is dated

Road to Perdition

In India, road safety seems to be everybody’s and nobody’s job. The first thing now is to make it someone’s job

Eschatology of N-power

Neither knee-jerk negativism nor blind optimism seems to be the appropriate reaction to the Fukushima accident

Reordering the world

As others challenge the US’ singular status, the world may go through a phase of coalition politics before it settles into a ‘positive’ multipolarity

India’s top agenda: jobs

The paradox of Indian labour regulation is that it serves to protect less than 10% of the total workforce

Stepping up to the Samba

Brazil and India are both large, heterogeneous democracies. Does the B in Bric have a lesson for the I?

The conditional safety net

Conditional cash transfers can reduce poverty and encourage parents to invest in health and education
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