The PLA Insight: 48: China’s Naval Modernisation; Mapping PLA Rocket Force; Airborne Support Force; Operational DA-ASAT; Veterans; Shangrila Dialogue

I. The Big Story: China’s Naval Modernisation The US’s Congressional Research Service (CRS) published its annual assessment of China’s naval modernisation on March 18. The report highlights PLA’s latest naval developments, newer acquisitions, improved capabilities, changing approach and gaps to be exploited. The...

Is India’s Rising Defence Pension Bill Affecting Modernisation of Military? 5 Myths Busted

Business, as usual, is no longer an option. India must tackle the rising defence pension bill. Lt Gen Prakash Menon and Pranay Kotasthane bust five myths of the defence pensions debate. Read the full article on ThePrint here.

4 Lessons for India From China’s October 2019 Military Parade

With the People’s Republic of China (PRC) marking its 70th founding anniversary on October 1, the grand military parade at Tiananmen Square was the highlight of the celebrations. It showcased China’s newer arms, ammunition, and technology. Over 15,000 personnel, 160...

Perspective – Defence Modernisation

The Ministry of Defence must adopt capital budgeting practices to ensure that India’s defence does not become hostage to fiscal contingencies. The broader issue is of evolving principles of allocation of national resources for defence — the current practice of...