Anupam Manur is quoted on the antitrust case against Amazon and Flipkart

Anupam Manur was quoted in Mint on the antitrust case files against Amazon and Flipkart: “To say that an exclusive arrangement between an e-commerce company and a smartphone brand on one or some products is having an adverse impact on...

Need to Update Competition Law

There are other major deficiencies in the competition law when it comes to understanding internet companies, Manur said. “Without establishing that a company is dominant, the CCI cannot take any action. But we haven’t clearly defined what the relevant markets...

Takshashila at the Mint Budget 2019 Roundtable

Pranay Kotasthane and Rahul Matthan participated in the Mint Budget 2019 roundtable on the topic How Modi govt can achieve $5 trillion economy aim. Read the discussion on Mint here. Watch the full video:

The addictive nature of bad policies

Apart from being ineffective, prohibition also has massive unintended consequences. Prohibition pushes the market underground and actually increases the crime rate, leads to a loss in state revenue, loss in employment and livelihoods, increases corruption, and ultimately harms the very...

Hung Parliament looks likely in UK elections

UK elections is going to a straight fight between Conservative Party and Labour Party but vote share and seat tally have swung wildly since Theresa May’s appointment as prime minister

The fault in IPL match schedules

Indian Premier League (IPL), for some inexplicable reason, hardly follows a balanced schedule, as some teams finish their quota of matches way before others

IPL 2017: More matches are being won by teams batting second

Since last year’s IPL, scoring rate during the powerplay overs and slog overs has significantly gone up—favouring the teams batting second than teams battling first

Why exit polls got UP election results wrong

While Narendra Modi’s role in the Uttar Pradesh victory is undeniable, the election results also show that BJP’s performance in 2014 was no blip

Why the IPL 2017 auction was a conservative affair

The eight teams together spent less than two-thirds of their total available budget in the IPL auction, with five of the eight teams buying fewer players than required

IPL auction: Indian players are more conservative in setting reserve prices

Indian players have been far more conservative in setting their reserve prices, indicating a greater desperation to play the IPL
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