Karthik Shashidhar


What denominations of bank notes do we need?

With the new Rs500 note not yet in wide circulation, people have found it difficult to get change for Rs2,000

How India coped with demonetisation

Number of debit card transactions spiked and ATM withdrawals plunged; credit card usage, online banking unexpectedly showed a negative trend

CAT results: IIMs may have messed up percentile maths

Given that IIMs award percentiles up to two decimal places, 20 out of 195,000 students getting ’100 percentile’ in the CAT results is a mathematical oddity

Why absence of opinion polls for UP is no surprise

Fine vote-share margins in previous contests make the forthcoming assembly polls tough to call

Are Jan Dhan accounts being misused? Unlikely, shows data

The increase in bank balance in Jan Dhan accounts is not extraordinary as they are being used as much as regular bank accounts, following demonetisation

Political beliefs cloud people’s judgement on policy decisions

Confirmation bias is a logical fallacy where people interpret news and opinions in a way that fits their prior beliefs

What are banks doing with cash deposit flood?

Imposition of withdrawal limits means a lion’s share of deposits is still within the banking system

Coin change problem with change – Dijkstra’s Algorithm

The coin change problem is a well studied problem in Computer Science, and is a popular example given for teaching students Dynamic Programming. The problem is simple – given an amount and a set of coins, what is the minimum...

Explaining UPI

I just paid my cook his salary for November. Given the cash crunch, I paid him through a bank transfer, using IMPS. Earlier today, my wife had asked him for his account details (last month I’d paid him on his...

Why PayTM is winning the payments “battle” in India

For the last one year or so, ever since I started using IMPS at scale, and read up the UPI protocol, I’ve been bullish about Indian banks winning the so-called “payments battle”. If and when the adoption of electronic payments...
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