fiscal policy


The economic agenda for 2019

The focus has to be on reforming PSU Banks and managing fiscal situation both at centre and states. The fiscal situation in the country continues to be under severe strain, and with the impending general election, there is a severe...

Dr Govinda Rao Delivers Lecture on Macroeconomic Environment

Dr. Govinda Rao, Advisor and Faculty at the Takshashila Institution, delivered a lecture on macroeconomic environment and the need for fiscal and monetary policies to improve this environment, at the Indian Institute of World Culture, Wadia Road on Sunday, 25 September...

Discussion Document – Fiscal Consolidation is the Key to Economic Growth

This Discussion Document provides directions for the 2014 and future budgets focussing on the budget-making processes, subsidies, fiscal dominance of monetary policy, inflation expectations, bank ownership and fiscal consolidation.