Facial Recognition


All Things Policy: The Promise and Perils of Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology and its applications have been advancing, even in the absence of adequate privacy laws. Facial data is personal, sensitive, and potentially permanent – and it is being used for a wide range of applications in India and...

Govt needs to be wary of facial recognition misuse

India is creating a national facial recognition system. If you live in India, you should be concerned about what this could lead to. It is easy to draw parallels with 1984 and say that we are moving towards Big Brother...

China’s big plan for AI domination is dazzling the world, but it has dangers built in. Here’s what India needs to watch out for.

China has been one of the early movers in the AI space, and evaluating its approach to AI development can help identify important lessons and pitfalls that Indian policy makers and entrepreneurs must keep in mind.

Breaking down China’s AI ambitions

The Social Credit System is about much more than surveillance and loyalty, as popularly understood. Nudging persons to adopt desirable behaviour and enhancing social control are part of the story. But there are larger drivers of this policy. It is...