budget 2019


Budgetary allocations reveal real priorities of NDA 3

The Union budget speech invites a lot of attention in India. However, it is far more useful to look at the budget statements that get released on the day the speech is read out in the Parliament. Comparing the vision...

Takshashila at the Mint Budget 2019 Roundtable

Pranay Kotasthane and Rahul Matthan participated in the Mint Budget 2019 roundtable on the topic How Modi govt can achieve $5 trillion economy aim. Read the discussion on Mint here. Watch the full video:

Conversations at Takshashila: Defence Budget and the Strategy Bridge

The defence budget for 2019 again brought into focus the unsustainable pension figures. This year, the Indian Army’s pensions and salaries alone amount to Rs 1.82 lakh crores – a whopping 42 % of the defence budget. But what do...