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Anupam Manur quoted in AlJazeera

Anupam Manur was quoted in an article in Al Jazeera on the potential impact of the US election outcomes on the Indian economy. With US unemployment at a high 8.4 percent and the country experiencing the toughest economic conditions since...

Trump’s gamble, China’s gain

US President Donald Trump's unilateralism in East Asia is increasingly benefiting China. Xi Jinping’s approach, in contrast is furthering the broader narrative of a China that is open to deeper multilateral engagement.

The vulnerabilities of Xi Jinping and China’s Communist Party

Xi's rapid consolidation of power has led some to conclude that China is descending into an era of dictatorship, with an all-powerful strongman in charge. Despite all the accumulation of power, however, Xi, and even the party itself, are far...

Nitin Pai debates the Food Security Bill on Al Jazeera Stream

Takshashila's Nitin Pai appeared in a debate on India's Food Security Bill on Al Jazeera's The Stream on 9 Oct 2013. Pai argued that the programme delivers entitlements to a lot more people than the truly needy, that the poverty...