Ajit Ranade


Takshashila Completes the Third Cogitatum

Takshashila successfully concluded the third Cogitatum on Unpacking the Budget in February 2018. The discussants were awarded certificates for their participation. Cogitatum is an four-week online discussion on a specific policy issue that is in the news cycle. The previous...

Banking frauds and eroding public trust

On top of disgust with outright fraud is also the feeling of injustice and unfairness. Small borrowers and farmers are hounded for repayment while the big fish get away. So the need to restore trust is not only for reasons...

The road to bike sharing

Cycle share, combined with public transport, can be a great last-mile option to get around and it fits perfectly into the concept of a smart city. But we need good roads

Fragility of bankers’ trust

The banking system runs on people’s trust. That is why regulation and swift corrective measures in case of lapses are so important.

Where are the jobs?

200,000 applicants scrambling for 69 posts in the state does not point to a rosy employment scenario.

Depositors worried of further rate cuts

Last week’s decision of the Monetary Policy Committee was keenly awaited. Would they cut the Reserve Bank of India’s policy rate by 25 or 50 basis points? (One basis point is one hundredth of one percent). This is called the...