Sumpolites | The Graveyards of Balochistan

On the 71st day of the #VBMPLongMarch, provincial authorities in the Khuzdar district of Balochistan unearthed 3 mass graves with more than 100 decomposed bodies of men and women, suspected to be victims of the Pakistan army. Locals have said that more graves exist and the count of their dead is far more than the media can officially report.  The kill and dump policy followed by the Pakistani government has claimed more than 161 people in 2013 and the mass grave unearthed seems to be one of the many graves around the region. The VBMP long march has over 20 families who have covered so far a distance of 1340 Km from Quetta to Islamabad via Karachi, a distance of over 2,090 kms. Every part of their journey to bring justice for the over 18,300 missing have been riddled with more mutilated bodies, warnings from ISI and very little coverage. The complete media blackout over the region means very little news is coming out of the Balochistan, and the news that does make it to the national papers is relegated to a corner of the media that few rarely see. The presence of one of two violent elements within the province is being used to justify actions that threaten and entire population to damnation and seeks to repress every last woman and child. The mass murders, mutilations, abductions, censures and enforced silence have made a province known for its ethnic diversity and secular environment has given the province the dubious title of being the victim of one of the worst cases of human rights violation that no one knows about.

The discovery of mass graves has to be considered as a very violation of human rights and Pakistan has to be taken to task for this grievous crime. The silence in the Indian media and the International media is abhorrent. Numerous sources from within Balochistan have repeatedly appealed to various international agencies and people to pay attention to the crises in the Province. 160+ bullet ridden bodies, more than 3 mass graves and the absolute lack of living conditions exasperated by natural disasters is reason enough for the UN, EU and the US to start paying attention.

Pakistan has indulged in the most repugnant of exercises to repress a community of people looking to exert their rights to a land and to its resources that were traditionally their own. For India and the west to maintain this shroud of silence and let Pakistan continue this genocide against its own citizens is inexcusable. Balochistan needs attention now.

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