Takshashila Discussion SlideDoc – Submarine Cables: A Maritime National Security Perspective for India

Executive Summary: India’s economic recovery and national security in a post COVID-19 world heavily depends on its digital connectivity to the rest of the world. Submarine cables are crucial to ensuring this connectivity.
We recommend that India safeguard its submarine cables through:

  1. Deployment of an all-encompassing Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS).
  2. An increase in sortie rates and numbers of Maritime Patrol/ELINT Aircraft.
  3. An increase in patrolling in specific areas by the Indian Coast Guard, CISF, Sagar Prahari Bal of The Indian Navy and Marine Police.
  4. An increased focus on proliferating restoration capabilities for private consortiums by providing incentives.
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    Submarine Cables Maritime National Security Perspective 1.1

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