About Yazad Jal


Yazad Jal is Fellow, Economic Policy at the Takshashila Institution. Before joining Takshashila in June 2018, he worked as a management consultant in the United States with McKinsey and Company and IBM’s Global Business Services. Previous to that he was active in the non-profit sector in India, serving as CEO of Praja Foundation in Mumbai and as a Research Associate with the Centre for Civil Society, New Delhi.

Yazad has an MBA from Yale University and a BA (Econ) from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai University.

At Takshashila, Yazad’s research focuses on India’s job crisis, cost benefit analysis and defense economics. He writes the Jobscape, a weekly column for the online magazine Pragati. Yazad also guest lectures at the GCPP and GCSS courses.


Vote for Jobs

#Jobscape e6: political party manifestos, the effects of DeMon, and how companies are upskilling their employees.

Jobs from Abroad

#Jobscape e5: how international trade creates jobs in India, how many ‘Australias’ of jobs India has to generate, our abysmal gender bias and job scams.

Who Wants a Sarkari Naukri

#Jobscape e4: looking at a range of jobs from tech and AI and how to eradicate manual scavenging.

The Answer is Blockchain

#Jobscape e3: Industry 4.0 holds a lot of hope for the future of jobs.

Is the Jobs Crisis a Skills Crisis?

#Jobscape e2: good news from renewable energy and the gig economy — but with a caveat: the skilling gap.

The Jobscape: 19 Million Applications. 62,000 jobs

#Jobscape e1: India’s Jobs Crisis grows deeper — but there are signs of hope.

Sell All Municipal Schools

Poor parents are voting with their feet by shifting their kids from free government schools to budget private schools. The government has failed to provide quality education. Here’s an unintuitive solution for Mumbai. Sell municipal schools. Use the proceeds to fund the education of the poor.

Beware of the Survivor

Mark Zuckerberg and Gurukant Desai illustrate the Survivorship Bias

We Are All Zombies

How do our brains work? Why do we behave the way we behave? Unthinkby Chris Paley has some excellent insights.

Employment Elasticity of Growth in India

What exactly is employment elasticity? And why is it important?


On Libertarianism (guest lecture)
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Macroeconomic Indicators
Trade Policy (forthcoming)

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