About Sowmya Prabhakar

Head of Corporate Affairs
Sowmya is Head of Corporate Affairs at the Takshashila Institution. She comes with 15 yrs of diverse experience, which combines both Corporate and Social Sector. After her HR stint with McAfee Software, moved on to become an independent Consultant and soft-skills trainer. This lead to heading HR for an aerospace company. As the Chief Impact Officer at Rang De she was able to drive fundraising initiatives, measure the impact of various community based projects and interact with various stakeholders. In her current role at Takshashila she leads all the efforts towards HR, corporate engagement, outreach and partnerships.

Corporate Engagement:

-Explore avenues to procure funding.
-Formulate strategies to engage with corporates
-through outreach such as book launches, kiosks, corporate talks etc.

Catalyst Sessions:

-Organise informal sessions with interesting people.

-Follow up with guests to explore avenues of cooperation to meet TI’s larger goals.

Alumni Outreach:

-Formulate strategies to associate with alumni to meet various goals.
-Ensure alumni is engaged through participation in various events.


-Explore & collaborate partnerships with institutions, universities, think tanks etc.
-Strategically partner with local spaces.

Public Events:

-In charge of organising all events in a year
-Reach out to new speakers.
-Ensure OE for every event.