About Ram Ganesh Kamatham

Associate Research Fellow

Ram Ganesh Kamatham is an Associate Research Fellow at the Takshashila Institution. His research areas are at the intersection of culture and strategy. He holds masters degrees in the Anthropology of Media from SOAS, London and International Relations from RSIS, NTU   Singapore, where he was a Felix and Lee Foundation Scholar respectively. He was part of the pioneer cohort of the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Studies (GCSS) at Takshashila.

His research on pre-modern rocketry pulls together ethnographic and archival research to re-examine the relevance of the Second Anglo-Mysore War (1780-1784) towards the development of strategic thought in India. He is currently working on the political anthropology of Kautilya’s Arthashastra as envisioned in the Saptanga model of the state. He is assisting in the organisation of a conference on India’s no-first use (NFU) nuclear doctrine. He devotes a part of his time towards serious game development, including the geopolitics simulation component of the GCSS programme.

He is an award-winning playwright with several decades of experience in the theatre, and a two-time winner of the Charles Wallace India Trust Award. He has work experience in the private sector and in academia as an instructional designer, and in international affairs as a project manager.