Prateek Waghre

About Prateek Waghre

Research Analyst

Prateek Waghre is a Research Analyst with the Technology and Policy Programme at The Takshashila Institution. Before Takshashila, he spent 8 years working in consulting and product management roles at Akamai Technologies. Prior to that, he worked as an editor at WATBlog and application developer at Accenture. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology.

Prateek’s research interests include the impact of technology in democratic networked societies, internet shutdowns, information disorder and major issues affecting the internet policy space in India. He has published editorials across publications like Deccan Herald, ThePrint, The Diplomat and others.
Prateek also writes a newsletter on Information Disorder from an Indian perspective: MisDisMal-Information.