About Nidhi Gupta

Associate Dean, Policy School

Nidhi Gupta is the Associate Dean of the Policy School at the Takshashila Institution. 

She has done her MSc in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her first degree is in Computer Engineering from the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Indore. 

Nidhi has over 15 years of diverse, international experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors in programme management and business development activities. Previously, she has worked with German government’s agency for bilateral co-operation on project acquisitions from institutional donors such as the European Union, the World Bank, DFID, etc. She also set-up and led the operations of an NGO in India. Prior to making the move to the social sector, Nidhi worked with IT corporations in India as a programme manager. 

Nidhi’s writings have been published in Livemint, The Hindu, Deccan Herald, The New Indian Express, Business Standard, and Pragati.

Nidhi’s research interests include behavioural economics and the origins of public opinion. 



Why Aren’t We Law-Abiding? November 2018, Pragati
Economist Kaushik Basu proposes a game theoretic approach to understand why some laws are obeyed by the society while others are blatantly violated.

Why Study Public Policy, August 2018, Deccan Herald
Why is the knowledge of public policy essential in today’s India? Which universities in India offer courses in public policy? 

C is for Cyber, August 2018, Pragati
Cyber threat now tops the list of vulnerabilities for many nations. This is a review of the book “Listening In” by Dr Susan Landau.

Get Criminals Out of Politics, May 2018, Pragati
To break the nexus of crime and politics in India, we should not wait until the conviction of accused candidates. Other solutions exist.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match, March 2018, Pragati 
How do economists tackle real-world markets? This article is a book review of Alvin Roth’s book on matching markets titled “Who gets what and why”

On Sale: Your Vote, March 2018, Pragati
Our data, taken without our consent, can be used for informational warfare that harms our democracy.

Where is the Nudge Unit? , February 2018, Pragati
The Indian government had promised to set up a nudge unit and use the insights of behavioural economics to shape public policy. The 2018 budget revealed no signs of it.

The Courtesan’s Mistake, December 2017, Pragati
Explaining Gambler’s Fallacy using a pop-culture reference

The Weakness of the Here and Now, November 2017, Pragati
Explaining Present Bias using a pop-culture reference

Empowerment and Fragility, October 2017, Pragati
How does social media affect protests and movements in radically networked societies? This is a book review of Zeynep Tufecki’s “Twitter and Tear Gas”.

Democracy in Echo Chambers, May 2017, Pragati
Do social media platforms strengthen democracy or undermine it? This article is a book review of Cass Sunstein’s book #Republic: Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media.

The Welcome Idea of More Maternity Leave , March 2017, Livemint
India’s new Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Bill, 2016, which increases the duration of maternity leave to 26 weeks, must be seen as a social and moral revolution

Understanding Populism, March 2017, Pragati
What does populism mean and what do populists do once they are in power? This article is a book review of Jan-Werner Müller’s book What is populism?.

Budgetary Support for Ailing State Universities, March 2017, Pragati
The union government should divert budgetary support from established IITs & NITs to ailing state universities.

An Unholy Nexus, February 2017, The Hindu
This is a review of the book When Crime Pays by Milan Vaishnav. Using the framework of an electoral marketplace, Vaishnav studies the nexus of politics, money, and muscle.  

How Democracy Really Works, November 2016, Business Standard
A book review of “Democracy for Realists” by Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels

What’s Wrong with the Surrogacy Bill, September 2016, The Hindu
The introduction of draft Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016 is a welcome step but some of the provisions spelt out under the draft bill reek of regulatory overreach and a flawed mechanism.

Taught a semester long course in Behavioural Sciences and Public Policy to post-graduate students of MA in Public Policy at the Mount Carmel College.