About Ganesh Chakravarthi


Ganesh Chakravarthi is the Editor of the Takshashila Institution. Ganesh edits all research outputs and books from Takshashila.

He also manages the Dispatch – the Takshashila newsletter – and the Research Dispatch, the fortnightly missive that updates users of Takshashila’s latest research endeavours. He serves as the editor of the Indian National Interest, a public policy watering hole, and as Assistant Editor for Pragati. His editing endeavours include content in both English as well as Kannada. He also teaches fundamentals of good writing for the Takshashila GCPP.

Ganesh is also the Programme Manager of B.CLIP (Bangalore Civic Leadership Incubation Programme), a programme that trains talented individuals who wish to transform their city by contesting municipal corporation elections.

Ganesh’s interests include Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, and spy fiction. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, in his spare time Ganesh indulges in long motorcycle rides, bicycling, and playing the guitar.

Ganesh writes regularly at his blog Craynonymous.