About Asawari Ghatage

Associate Manager, Communication

Asawari Ghatage is Associate Manager, Communications, at Takshashila.

Before joining Takshashila, her meandering career which spans six years, included writing for Time Out Bengaluru, documenting stories of change and raising funds for non-profits and content marketing. She has also done pro bono digital marketing for Bangalore-based trust Toto Funds the Arts.

Asawari has a BA in Psychology, English Literature and Journalism from Mount Carmel College and an MSc in Communication & Media Studies from St Joseph’s Centre for Post-Graduate Studies.

She is currently a student of philosophy (Master of Arts) at IGNOU, and pursuing a post-graduate certificate in digital marketing at MICA.

Asawari is a sci-fi geek, self-proclaimed Bangalore guide and blogs at www.asaberry.com.